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Photos Are Like Jewelry

You've likely heard it before, but it bears repeating.

Photos are incredibly important, as they are the keepsake you will have to treasure long after the day is over. Long after the music has ended, or the flavors of the cake can no longer be tasted, or the candles are extinguished - your photos will inspire feelings of joy that you will treasure forever. Much like your wedding ring, photos are the jewelry of your day - precious and timeless remembrances that are priceless.

That is why it is so very, very important to make sure to invest in a good photographer. A good photographer does so much more than point a camera, and there are far too many of these "I have a camera so I'm a photographer" types out there who are scamming clients in either their poor customer service or their inadequate skills. A good photographer has invested time and money into learning the trade, training themselves, investing in equipment, and understanding the demanding nature of weddings. A good photographer who dedicates their full time energy into their career will charge a living wage.

A photographer will make you cry after your wedding - either with tears of joy, from such beautiful visuals, or tears of regret, for the lost opportunity to capture amazing memories of your special day.

W.E.D offers many different services. We don't offer photography.

That's how strongly we feel about this topic - that we take the time to inspire all of our clients to really think about their choice for photographer, so those tears of regret are avoided.

It's one day - but the photos are forever.

Happy Planning.

W.E.D is happy to recommend the following photographers. All of these photographers are wonderful professionals who produce beautiful work and are fully invested in the happiness of their clients. This list is not necessarily complete - but these are the photographers we tend to work with the most often.

Looking Glass Photography -

People Picture Company -

Two Ring Photography -

Eat Pomegranate Photography -

Heather Kanillopoolos Photography -

Edward John Photography -

Looking Glass Photography

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