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Dreaming of Spring

It's been a very, very cold week. I look out the window, and it's all white and gray and I'm so ready for spring. And summer. And fall. And all the gorgeous color combinations that our clients have dreamt up and cherished for so many months.

But winter is good, too. Winter is a time for rest and replenishment and reflection on past work.

And today's reflection is of the truly colorful and imaginative wedding we did for Heather and Dennis. They wanted their favorite stories portrayed under glass cloches on every table. It was a fun idea, and we had fun with it.

Lovely vintage touches were incorporated into every aspect of the day. The Bride and her party wore colorful sweaters for the chill autumn day. The bridesmaids made individual dioramas inside their lanterns in tribute to the Bride and Groom. The Bride's bouquet consisted of paper flowers made from the pages of her favorite stories. And of course, the tables were filled with images of Batman, and Dr. Seuss, and Anne of Green Gables, and King Arthur, and so many more...

Hope you take today to reflect on your own past beauties as you think of how to incorporate your personal loves into your Big Day!

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