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Affordable & Floral

The snow and ice have begun to melt, and it's so close to spring I can taste it.

But spring isn't here quite fast enough, so as I was walking through Horrocks the other day, I just started scooping up flowers - just a few to brighten my desk.

Well, several minutes later, I had a full cart and spent the day devoted to playing.

These are not the fanciest flowers, and there weren't a lot of options (I usually source my floral from other distributors - but hey, my regular flower providers don't have an olive bar!).

But you don't NEED the fanciest flowers to make something beautiful!

So I spent a chilly day, fashioning these modest (and super affordable) blooms in different ways, and these are the results.

Hope they make spring feel just that much closer for you too!

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