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new in 2020

Looking for a personalized Santa experience without going to

the mall? 


appointment times where Santa himself will come to your

front door, greet your children, pick up their Christmas lists,

deliver a treat (different packages available), and provide a

photo opp for you to capture with your personal camera. 

Here Comes Santa Claus Experience services the entire mid-Michigan area and beyond: Lansing, East Lansing, St. Johns, Mason, Jackson, Williamston, Kalamazoo, and Grand Rapids. 

The fun begins when you call 517-651-8230 to book your appointment. Appointments are available from now through December 23rd. We have day, evening, and weekend appointment times available. Once your appointment is set, you will be emailed an invoice to pay online. 

Once your appointment is paid for, you will be sent an envelope filled with a letter from Santa, custom stationery for your little ones to write their list(s) on, and special writing pencils. (You will just want to make sure they have their lists completed by the date/time of your scheduled Santa appointment.)

Then at the scheduled time, Santa will arrive to greet your child(ren), pick up their lists, give them treats, and you can grab a photo of Santa with the child(ren) with your own camera! Santa will be doing his best to maintain safe protocols (and will wear a mask hidden beneath his beard). 

After the visit, Santa will mail the list back to you so you can have

it as a keepsake. And your child will have a wonderful memory to

last a lifetime.

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Call 517-651-8230 now, so your kid(s) can

exlaim with glee: "HERE COMES SANTA CLAUS!"

Visit                                  to see package options and pricing. 

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