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Design Packages

Lively and Fun

The popularity of our design and décor packages is growing every year. With every event we have received rave reviews and sincere thanks for collaborating with our clients on their vision and creating a beautiful atmosphere for the most important day of their lives. In addition to having a strong design aesthetic, we believe strongly in ensuring the logistical needs are met with every design choice. 

Our designs are inspired by our clients, and by current and classic trends in wedding design. And most importantly, we provide all of this at flat, affordable rates with the intention of saving our clients unnecessary stress and expensive surprises.

The Design & Décor Package includes a wide range of items, from simple & elegant to lush & lavish to fun & funky. Items can be mixed, matched, decorated, embellished, pared down, and customized to fit your style and season. In addition, we are constantly adding to our décor selection with every new event that we do - so if it isn't in our current inventory, it doesn't mean that it can't be added. We have the classic pieces you would expect, but also quite a few really fun and unique pieces (elaborate backdrops, specialty lighting, special props and truly unique embellishments). Walls of mirrors, milk glass, draping, TARDIS centerpieces, gobos... the list goes on.

One thing that W.E.D pledges to you is that we will not tell you what type of wedding you should have. We are happy to offer our advice, and will always give you guidance, especially with logistics. But we are NOT the type of company who will judge your personal tastes, your "crazy" wishes, or your nontraditional approaches. We love those special touches that will make your wedding unforgettable. W.E.D has gleefully embraced a wide range of twists on tradition. So if you opt for ceremony music by The Beatles over Beethoven, or want to do a First Rock Band instead of a First Dance (complete with Devo hats on your head), we love it all. And we will work with you to make sure that these unique ideas work seamlessly within the framework of your event.

We strongly believe that the best weddings are not the most expensive.

The best weddings of all are the most personal. 

We love getting to know our clients, and finding even small personal touches that we can incorporate to make sure that your guests will always remember that it was YOUR wedding. Because that is what will make it great!

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